Cost Savings + Environmental Responsibility

Repsco Slip Sheets

Repsco slip sheets save space and weight so that the bulk of your shipping weight is pure product.

Numbers tell the story. Wood pallets weigh between 60 and 75 pounds each and can easily add 2,000 pounds of dead weight in one truckload or containerized shipment. Besides the savings of room and weight, pallet-related costs such as lease/purchase, pallet storage/disposal and moving empty pallets around the world are an expense that manufacturers can strike from their budgets.

When you go pallet-free, you save money on your shipping costs, you eliminate a large part of your handling materials cost and you help the environment. How? By using slip sheets to make shipping more efficient, you save direct packaging costs, save handling labor, and the greater payload per shipment helps save gasoline and dozens of other overhead costs such as, tires, road repair, etc.

No palette shipping