Plastic Slip Sheets

Plastic slip sheets are sheets of thick plastic with a 3-6 inch lip (referred to as a pull tab) on one or more sides. They are handled using specialized push/pull attachments mounted on forklift trucks.

Repsco plastic slip sheets are a practical, economical and environmentally sound alternative to wood pallets and fiber slip sheets. Made primarily of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), Repsco plastic slip sheets are designed to replace or supplement wood pallets in transportation and warehouse applications. Twice as strong as fiber sheets, Repsco plastic slip sheets are the reusable, recyclable answer to the high cost of shipping and storage.

Slip sheets cost about 85 percent less than wood pallets, less space is needed for storage and in transport, and their light weight reduces transportation costs. They are recyclable in a closed-loop system such as Repsco’s GREEN & GOLD initiative.

Slip sheets work best for merchandise with a heavy uniform case pack, products which “cube out nicely,” according to Lee Bandlow, logistics manager at Home Depot, one of the pioneer companies in slip sheet usage. They have been used successfully in the food and beverage industry for more than two decades. Because they’re moisture and bacteria resistant, plastic slip sheets are ideal for ocean-bound container shipping.

More Product Use Cases

Tier/Divider Sheets

Repsco Tier/Divider Sheets are made from a strong, proprietary blend of polymers ideal for unitizing and separating loads. Plastic tier sheets offer considerable advantages over fiber products in that they are rugged, non-absorbent and easy to recycle.

Commonly used in the canning and bottling industries where strength, cleanliness and moisture resistance are crucial, they can be made from either HDPE or HDPP depending on your needs. Standard size is 56″ x 44″ x .030″ with 2″ radius corners. Custom sizes are available.

Cap Sheets

Cap Sheets are designed to protect stored and stacked product. They are scored or perforated for easy folding and are weather and moisture resistant. Repsco Cap Sheets can be custom-made to your size requirements.

Liner Sheets

Liner Sheets protect products from pallet damage associated with broken boards or protruding nails while helping to stabilize the goods on the pallet. They are made from the same strong, durable sheet materials used in our other products and are impervious to moisture. They also help protect products from contamination by the pallet itself.

Tier Sheets

Custom Designs

If a strong, moisture-proof, semi-rigid sheet will help you in your business application, we’ll help you design it.

Designed to meet your application, our Custom Products & Services offer affordable ways to meet your needs for a multitude of general use applications such as gardening, automotive, or manufacturing. Customized slip sheets can even be branded with your company logo or color scheme.

Repsco’s rotary die cutting machines can score, perforate, and cut almost unlimited combinations of sizes, shapes, and patterns. Custom roll-stock is also available.

Custom sheet dies