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When it comes to recycling, REPSCO, Inc. does not just talk about it, they live it – day in, day out for more than 30 years.The manufacturing company, which moved from Colorado to the Riverbank Industrial Complex nearly five years ago, has emerged as the industry leader in producing 100% recyclable custom-designed plastic slips sheets, […]

April 3, 2024

­What are plastic slip sheets?

As the name implies, slip sheets are flat surfaces used as palettes, in many cases these slip sheets are made from recyclable plastic. However, it is also available in other composite materials including paperboard and solid fiber in many cases resulting in an inferior product. As a viable alternative to wooden pallets, the slip sheet offers convenience […]

November 1, 2021

Recycling and Sustainability

Green to Gold Program


We’re committed to exceeding ASME MH 1a standards with unwavering quality.

The Green to Gold program helps customers sell back used slip sheets purchased from REPSCO.


We strive to reduce our carbon footprint, continuously improving for a greener operation.

Our pioneering Green & Gold initiative exemplifies our aim to inspire our clientele, along with their affiliates and suppliers, to repurpose used slip sheets. This cycle of reuse elevates waste into wealth, streamlining cost efficiencies, conserving valuable resources, and minimizing ecological footprints along the way.

Since 1971, REPSCO Inc. has been at the forefront, leading the industry with innovation and reliability.

Under current ownership since 2000, we’ve recycled an astounding 184,000,000 pounds of HDPE plastic annually, contributing to a greener planet and diverting waste from landfills.


Repsco slip sheets are made of high-quality, reusable recycled HDPE plastic with no waste.


Due to the material, Repsco can create custom sheets to meet your needs. Whether it’s holes, dimples, or locking trays, we adapt to diverse environmental requirements.