Slip Sheets = Sustainable Industry

  • In 10 years of growth, a pine tree can only produce enough wood to make 2 wooden pallets – which cannot be recycled
  • In the same period, the average household produces enough recyclable plastic trash to produce 8,500 ship sheets – which are 100% recyclable.
  • The use of slip sheets in day-to-day operations brings the peace of mind of contributing to the future of our environment.
  • Our experience and equipment enables us to create a recycling system like no other company in our area of manufacturing.
Mixed recycling
Plastic trash is the raw material for plastic slip sheets.

Repsco’s Green to Gold Program

Customers may use the Green to Gold program to sell back used slip sheets that they have purchased from Repsco. The program was developed was to help stabilize raw material prices, particularly during periods of inflation. The program benefits both the customer and Repsco, since raw materials (HDPE) are a major component of the cost of slip sheet manufacturing. 

Example: Customer purchases 500,000 pounds of slip sheets annually and maintains  control over those slip sheets once used in their warehouse operations or at third party distribution centers. Repsco will pay the market price for the used slip sheets to the customer. In today’s market this is approximately $0.20 a pound, when delivered to Repsco’s manufacturing facility in Modesto, CA. The customer receives $100,000, either thru direct payment or as a credit towards future orders.

Please contact a sales/customer representative at Repsco to join the program.

Green to Gold Diagram