Repsco is built on recycling

Mixed recycling

Repsco is built on recycling, but we don’t stop there. Our Green & Gold program is a Green Initiative to encourage our clients and their partner companies and vendors to recycle used slip sheets, reusing former waste products again and again, saving money, conserving resources and reducing their environmental impact in the process.

How do we do that?

  • We work proactively with our clients to enlist the participation of their partner companies and vendors in offering incentives to return used Repsco slip sheets to our facilities to be recycled.
  • We show companies how using recyclable slip sheets from Repsco will help stabilize their materials handling costs in a world economy that is anything but stable.
  • We’ve taken post-consumer and post-industrial recycling to a new level to allow all of the partners in a product and process cycle to achieve multiple advantages.
  • We work together with our customers and their providers to complete the cycle. That means the impact of your green decision will produce exponential rewards – reducing bottom-line production, shipping and overhead costs for all the components used in your product distribution process.