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Since 1971, REPSCO, Inc. has been a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing and material handling.

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REPSCO, Inc. is an independent manufacturer of custom-designed extruded plastic sheet products. Our slip sheet customers benefit from their low cost, light weight, and compact size. slip sheets cost about 85% less than wood pallets, require less space for storage and in transport, and their light weight reduces transportation costs.

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Palletless Warehouse Operations

Towards a Pallet-Free World

Palletized materials handling represents a major drag on business profits and a significant contribution to pollution worldwide. The world is going pallet-free and REPSCO is leading that conversion.

When you go pallet-free, you save money on your shipping costs, eliminate a large part of your materials handling costs and help the environment.

Our Commitment to Recycling

Innovation is a tradition at Repsco. For over 50 years we have focused on improving every step of the recycling process from sourcing materials to refining our process to net the highest quality polymers in the post-consumer market. This attention to detail has allowed us to continuously reduce costs in recycling and to pass those savings on to our customers.

Mixed color HDPE, washed and flaked.
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