The People at Repsco

Paul Bennett Jr., President

At Repsco, we’re as committed to excellence in people as we are to excellence in product. As an independently owned corporation, we benefit from the vision and leadership of a tightly organized hands-on management group. Our senior executives are just as likely to be found in the testing lab or on the production line as they are making presentations to industry leaders half way around the world. It’s what makes us what we are and what sets us apart from our competition.

Paul Bennett Jr., President

When Paul Bennett became president of Repsco’s predecessor company it faced an uncertain future. Under his leadership, the company emerged from Chapter 11 status, corrected serious operating problems and embarked on an ambitious recycling program, tripling its sales in the process.

Staff development is an integral part of Paul’s leadership style. He continuously solicits feedback from people in the organization and its customer base, involving them proactively in building the company’s successes and infusing them with his vision and enthusiasm and a sense of personal ownership in the process.

Paul’s professional experience includes over 30 years of diverse involvement in manufacturing, marketing, sales and finance. Besides providing vision and direction for the total Repsco enterprise, his direct responsibilities include market research and product development.

Paul is also committed to community involvement, having served as an elder in his church, tutoring at-risk inner-city youth and working in a prison fellowship ministry where he has also served as a member of its state council.