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When it comes to recycling, REPSCO, Inc. does not just talk about it, they live it – day in, day out for more than 30 years.The manufacturing company, which moved from Colorado to the Riverbank Industrial Complex nearly five years ago, has emerged as the industry leader in producing 100% recyclable custom-designed plastic slips sheets, […]

April 3, 2024

­What are plastic slip sheets?

As the name implies, slip sheets are flat surfaces used as palettes, in many cases these slip sheets are made from recyclable plastic. However, it is also available in other composite materials including paperboard and solid fiber in many cases resulting in an inferior product. As a viable alternative to wooden pallets, the slip sheet offers convenience […]

November 1, 2021


Why Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are an innovative solution that offers logistics and production companies many advantages over traditional pallets.

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Engineered for optimal handling and space efficiency.

Slip sheets provide an economic advantage for logistics and manufacturing firms. Their design and material composition ensure they are:

Lightweight and compact

Significantly reduce storage and transportation cost

Aligns seamlessly with the operational needs and sustainability goals of modern businesses

Economic Benefits of Slip Sheets


Pallets are made of hardwood and are very heavy due to their structure, with an average weight of 45 lbs. In comparison, slip sheets weigh approximately 1.5 lbs for a 51×43 inch sheet. Especially for stackable goods, the weight of the pallets can account for up to 20-30% of the total weight. With the slip sheet solution, this can be reduced to a fraction of this, so that smaller loading trolleys or even racking systems are sufficient.


The height of slip sheets is much lower compared to conventional pallets. Even the thickest slip sheet measures under 1/4″, compared to a typical pallet height of 6 inches. This can result in significant space savings in both storage and transportation.

Zero maintenance:

With many traditional logistics solutions, maintenance can be a major challenge, especially hygiene and the replacement of broken or damaged pallets. With slip sheets, no such maintenance is required, as damaged pallets can be easily replaced, while there is simply no room for rodents to infest.


Due to the material and thickness of slip sheets, they are much easier to shape and some types can even be resized on site.


Slip sheets are made of high-quality recycled plastic that can be reused later and produce much less waste, they save space and costs.

The durability of the sheet, cost savings, and the recycle program make this sheet the option when comparing with fiber sheets. ~ A satisfied customer

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