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When it comes to recycling, REPSCO, Inc. does not just talk about it, they live it – day in, day out for more than 30 years.The manufacturing company, which moved from Colorado to the Riverbank Industrial Complex nearly five years ago, has emerged as the industry leader in producing 100% recyclable custom-designed plastic slips sheets, […]

April 3, 2024

­What are plastic slip sheets?

As the name implies, slip sheets are flat surfaces used as palettes, in many cases these slip sheets are made from recyclable plastic. However, it is also available in other composite materials including paperboard and solid fiber in many cases resulting in an inferior product. As a viable alternative to wooden pallets, the slip sheet offers convenience […]

November 1, 2021

The Sales Team

David Jara

Sales Director
Phone: (303) 294-0364

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, David arrived in the USA 25 years ago. With his experience in customer service for corporate companies, he continued to apply his knowledge in customer service management. Since joining the Repsco team he has been a fervent defender of sustainable industry. David works in collaboration with large Repsco clients to achieve the goal of a world free of wooden pallets.