Think Economically and Environmentally

Turning Green to Gold

Plastic Slipsheet Implementation Successes

The pallet-free movement is saving companies millions worldwide while significantly reducing their environmental impact. In 2006 98% of material collected from Dell Computer manufacturing centers in the US was recycled and made into new products, like plastic slipsheets. Dell saved over 24,000 tons of packaging material by annual reduction and elimination of corrugated, plastic foam, and wood materials.

The vignettes below offer a quick glimpse of four companies’ success at turning green initiatives into sound economic policy. We encourage you to visit our “Toward a Pallet-Free World” section for a detailed look at how this is happening.

Intel Corp.

Home Depot

Dell Computers

Recommended Reading

The world is going Green and you don’t want to miss the revolution. The books, documents and links on our Reading Room page will take you to the information you need to understand why Green makes bottom-line business sense. You can participate in its benefits with Repsco’s GREEN & GOLD Recycling Program and other ecologically sound business practices.

Repsco’s Green Vision and the Initiatives That Drive It

While a lot of very visible people are spending a lot of time talking about building Green Initiatives, Repsco is busy doing it.

Repsco is built on recycling, but we don’t stop there. Our GREEN & GOLD program involves getting our clients and their partner companies and vendors to recycle used slipsheets, reusing former waste products again and again, saving money, conserving resources and reducing their environmental impact in the process.

How do we do that?

We’re ready and eager to share with you working models of companies in your industry who are benefiting from our GREEN & GOLD program already. Call or drop us an email and we’ll get the process going.

Toward a Pallet-Free World

Palletized materials handling represents a major drag on business profits and a significant contribution to pollution worldwide. The world is going pallet-free and Repsco is leading that conversion. To learn more about the pallet-free movement and how your company can benefit from it read more.

Repsco is built on recycling. While a lot of people are talking about building Green Initiatives, Repsco is busy doing it.

From Green to Gold

“It’s the right thing to do for our customers. It’s the right thing to do for our earth.”

- Michael Dell, Chairman, Dell Computers

In 2006 two Yale business professors wrote a book titled Green to Gold. Theirs were just the latest voices in a chorus of experts who sing in unison the economic benefits of environmentally-sound business processes. At Repsco, we are firmly committed to embracing these principles and in promoting them throughout our customer base.

For us, it just makes sense. We can show you how to dramatically improve your bottom line while reducing your business’ environmental impact.

Whether your goals are profit-oriented (ours certainly are) or in finding ways to minimize your environmental footprint (while the choices are still yours), Repsco is here to help.