Think Economically and Environmentally


Repsco’s commitment

Repsco’s commitment goes well beyond the products we make. We believe so strongly in the economic and social benefits of our products that we devote a considerable part of our resources to promoting them through a GREEN INITIATIVE outreach program called GREEN & GOLD that is designed to teach materials handling professionals ways to save their companies huge amounts of money while reducing their environmental impact.

Our service commitment extends to:

Needs Assessment

Are slipsheets right for you?

Our knowledge of the materials handling process gives us the tools we need to offer a concise, no-nonsense assessment of how using Repsco slipsheets can fit into your company’s needs. Our assessment is ultimately bottom-line oriented. If our products won’t work in your business model, we’ll be the first to point it out. If they will, you’ll be presented with a clear understanding of their benefits to you.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

How slipsheet use makes sound economic sense

There are costs associated with converting from pallet use to slipsheets. If Repsco slipsheets are right for your business, we will present you with a clear picture of those costs and how making the investment will pay off with dramatic savings in shipping, handling and storage expenses.

Implementation Plans

Start saving now!

Repsco is ready to go as soon as you make your decision to commit to pallet-free materials handling. Our experience in materials shipping, handling and storage processes gives us the tools we need to make your transition quick, economical and trouble-free.

Recycling Programs

Closing the loop turns green into gold!

We recycle what we make. Part of the saving to you and a big part of our GREEN INITIATIVE is offering tangible economic reasons for you to participate in Repsco’s GREEN & GOLD Recycling Program.


By joining the pallet-free movement, you become part of a larger economic trend toward maximizing profits in an eco-friendly way. This is one of the most exciting business trends in decades, and keeping you, your business partners and your employees aware and informed is one of the best ways to optimize its benefits to you.

Repsco is committed to providing you with the tools you need to keep your company and its partners at the forefront of this inspiring vision.

Continuing Improvement

Repsco is constantly looking for more ways to save both money and resources. As part of the Repsco family, your organization will be regularly advised of new and innovative products, concepts and techniques in the materials handling business.