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Plastic Slipsheets

Toward a Pallet-Free World

The world is going pallet-free and Repsco is leading that conversion.

Plastic slipsheets are sheets of thick plastic with a 3-6 inch lip (referred to as a pull tab) on one or more sides. They are handled using specialized push/pull attachments mounted on forklift trucks.

Many benefits result from their relative low cost, light weight, and compact size. Slip sheets cost about 85 percent less than wood pallets, less space is needed for storage and in transport, and their light weight reduces transportation costs. They are recyclable in a closed-loop system such as Repsco’s GREEN & GOLD initiative.

Home Depot

Slipsheets work best for merchandise with a heavy uniform case pack, products which “cube out nicely,” according to Lee Bandlow, logistics manager at Home Depot, one of the pioneer companies in slipsheet usage. They have been used successfully in the food and beverage industry for more than two decades. Because they’re moisture and bacteria resistant, plastic slipsheets are ideal for ocean-bound container shipping.