Think Economically and Environmentally

Landscape Barrier Sheets

Profit-Wise and Earth-Wise Solutions for Materials Handling

From milk bottles to manufacturing waste, Repsco products are made from custom-tailored blends of 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial HDPE/PP plastics that were previously destined for rapidly-filling landfill dump sites.

Non-toxic industrial waste runs over 7.6 billion tons per year in the US alone, and the US is one of the more environmentally-conscious countries. 25 countries have designed environmentally friendly packaging requirements, and over 30 require packaging reporting and levy disposal fees.

Repsco passionately believes that our products offer the best long-term solutions for dramatically reducing materials handling costs while minimizing negative environmental impact.


Working Toward a Pallet-Free World

Palletized materials handling represents a major drag on business profits and a significant contribution to pollution worldwide. It is estimated that there are over 700 million wood pallets in the world today. Not only does that represent the consumption of over 63 million trees, mostly scarce hardwood varieties, but most nations require wood pallets to be chemically treated to eliminate biohazards. That requires millions of gallons of toxic chemicals and drastically reduces the recyclability of those pallets.

Repsco Plastic Slipsheets are a practical, economical and environmentally sound alternative to wood pallets and fiber slipsheets. Made primarily of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), Repsco Plastic Slipsheets are designed to replace or supplement wood pallets in transportation and warehouse applications. Twice as strong as fiber sheets, Repsco Plastic Slipsheets are the reusable, recyclable answer to the high cost of shipping and storage.

Tier / Divider Sheets

Repsco Tier/Divider Sheets are made from a strong, proprietary blend of polymers ideal for unitizing and separating loads. Plastic tier sheets offer considerable advantages over fiber products in that they are rugged, non-absorbent and easy to recycle.

Commonly used in the canning and bottling industries where strength, cleanliness and moisture resistance are crucial, they can be made from either HDPE or HDPP depending on your needs. Standard size is 56″ x 44″ x .030″ with 2″ radius corners. Custom sizes are available.

Cap Sheets

Cap Sheets are designed to protect stored and stacked product. They are scored or perforated for easy folding and are weather and moisture resistant

Repsco Cap Sheets can be custom-made to your size requirements.

Liner Sheets

Liner Sheets protect products from pallet damage associated with broken boards or protruding nails while helping to stabilize the goods on the pallet. They are made from the same strong, durable sheet materials used in our other products and are impervious to moisture. They also help protect products from contamination by the pallet itself.

Custom Designs

If a strong, moisture-proof, semi-rigid sheet will help your in your business application, we’ll help you design it.

Designed to meet your application, our Custom Products & Services offer affordable ways to meet your needs for a multitude of general use applications such as gardening, automotive, or manufacturing.

Repsco ‘s Rotary Die Cutting machines can score, perforate, and cut almost unlimited combinations of sizes, shapes, and patterns. Custom roll-stock is also available