Think Economically and Environmentally

Case Studies

Dell Computer, Limerick, Ireland, 2006 Limerick is spending $1,000 a day to haul away incoming pallets from computer chassis shipments alone

Dell Computer

One of our biggest success stories is Repsco’s partnership with Dell Computer to implement system-wide pallet-free materials handling as part of their award-winning commitment to environmentally-sound business practices. Working closely with Dell management and our Asia/Pacific partner Sunstream, this program has proven to be very successful for Dell with ongoing savings in the millions of dollars.

Their two year successful track record includes:

In Dell’s 2006 Environmental Report they reported saving over 24,000 tons of packaging material by annual reduction and elimination of corrugated, plastic foam, and wood materials. The Plastic Slipsheet project accounted for over 17,000 tons of the savings—that represents over 70% of the total reduction.

Dell’s 2007 objective is to further reduce inbound packaging costs using environmentally-friendly solutions including offering incentives to suppliers to go pallet-free.

As a result of this aggressive approach to reducing waste in their world-wide operations, Dell tied for first place among technology companies in Greenpeace’s rankings of environmentally sensitive businesses. They are positioned as leader in global environmental initiatives, winning over 15 global environmental recognitions including awards from Business Ethics Magazine, the Malaysia Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award and the National Recycling Coalition.